«The DNA Journey» advertising campaign for momondo in Russia

To promote "The DNA Journey" site with help of famous Russian bloggers.

Danish company momondo is based on the belief that everyone should be able to travel around the world, get to know people and other cultures. In support of his philosophy, momondo has been implementing the project "The DNA Journey" for several years. They believe that everyone should be able to travel the world because we know that crossing borders and traveling makes us more open-minded and tolerant. Their vision is of a world where our differences are a source of inspiration and development, not intolerance and prejudice. Their purpose is to give courage and encourage each one of us to stay curious and be open-minded so we can all enjoy a better, more diversified world.

momondo turned to us with the idea to test the new advertising channel for "The DNA Journey" promotion — bloggers.


We developed a communication strategy and picked up the best-suited bloggers with the most active audience.

Our team controlled all stages of the promo: from the production of content to its placement.

We involved insta-bloggers:
— Anastasia Ustennikova @miss_anastasia_u;
— Sofya Filippova @sonchicc;
— Paul Sway @swaypaul;
— Sergey Kalyuzhny @ 136th;
— Ivan Zavalishin @vanvorobei;
— Dmitry Lazykin @ dimalazykin;
— Alexander Lygin @twistflip, @ alex.alive.

We also integrated promo on popular YouTube channels:
— Pavel Mikus (2 integrations);
— Paul Sway (1 integration).

As a result, 30% more applications were received than originally planned.

Copenhagen, Denmark & Moscow, Russia

Social Media Marketing, Promotion

June 2017

Art Director
Robert Dertsyan

Creative Director
Paul Sway

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