Happy People Community identity

To develop identity for the Faculty of Economics of MSU Alumni, expressing freedom and eccentricity of the community.

The Faculty of Economics Alumni appealed to us with a request to develop a brand to combine all their events and platforms within a single concept. 

Since Alumni foundation community has grown beyond MSU one of the key tasks was to develop an all-purpose logo that will not be tied to the Moscow State University. 

Community members constant readiness for parties and entertainment was expressed in logotype.
Based on the abbreviation we developed community emblem wich can be used on small media.

Flag, sticker and internal website for community members.


Logotype can be easily transformed based on daily agenda. Logo-hero can make up grimaces or feel tired or change according to imagination of the organizers.

Happy People Identity quickly blended into the ordinary life of the community and became its integral part.

I can't now even imagine community life without New Inspiration team! The influence of NewIn played a key role in our project development. A simple but memorable logo is easily distinguished from the daily flow of content. Constant support in creating vivid images for our events determines the presence of interest of NewIn team in our activities.

While creating a community for modern and active young people it is extremely important to approach task with style taste and pay attention to the smallest details. NewIn team has developed a comprehensive design that perfectly describes our life principles.

NewIn is not just a creative agency with excellent taste and cool performance. NewIn is a full-fledged part of our project!

Dmitri Sundukov,
Happy People Community founder
FB: DJ.Sund


January 2015

Art Director
Robert Dertsyan

Otto Barseghian

Kate Veselova

Other works for Happy People
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