Partnership programs

We are always searching for new business opportunities and partners. If you have any idea how we can be of use to each other feel free to email us.

Design team out-staffing |  Small budget projects transfer  |  Entrance to the CIS market

Design team out-staffing

Because of we are located in Europe and the CIS we can offer you our professional design team* services for the price of freelancer** in SF without loss of quality. That will allow you to reduce costs, free your employees for more important tasks and projects.

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* — our basic team consists of a manager, art director, designer, illustrator, copywriter and editor if needed.
** — of course, it depends on project type and other conditions.

Small budget projects

Sometimes you get projects that do not fit your budgets and you reject them. What if you transfer such clients to us and get bonuses for that? Earning something is better than nothing, especially if you just resend offer and you are done.

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Entrance to the CIS market

We have 10 years experience of working on European and the CIS market. We can help you and your customers to enter new markets and will deliver full support. Or we can connect you to companies interested in US market so you as locals would be able to provide services for them.

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